Great Day for Ducks…

group. . .and CardioVascular Home Care staff and families, who sloshed along the Trinity Park walking course on Saturday, September 12, for the annual HEART WALK sponsored by the American Heart Association (AHA). Rain, rain and more rain saturated Fort Worth for days, and HEART WALKERS braved the weather for a fun day of fitness and fundraising for AHA’s important programs. This event is a longstanding tradition for CVHC staff members. This year, the team of 16 raised money for research and community/patient education about heart health, cardiac risk factors, and healthy ways to reduce the risk of heart disease. CVHC cares for patients with cardiac, vascular, and pulmonary problems. Many home-based services are provided by CVHC Registered Nurses (RNs), therapists for orthopedic rehab and additional support staff.

NANCY SASSO, physical therapist, raised the most money in the CVHC group. Owners/founders BRIDGETTE CAMPBELL, RN, and PAUL NICHOLS, RN, with Paul’s family, including his wife, Helen, and their children, Emily and Aaron, also completed the soggy three-mile walk through Trinity Park. The walkers passed the famous “Duck Pond,” and wished for waterproof feathers and webbed feet! JAN GOODWIN, RN, gathered the most free goodies from the many booths in the HEART WALK VILLAGES. DAWNDA SADLER, RN, with husband, Ricky, and daughter, Lexi, finished the course, along with ROSANNE COLE, RN, and AHA board member, who struggled to unravel her plastic-wrap raincoat creation. LISA MARTINEZ, RN, who found fruit smoothies for the group before the walk, was chosen “best dressed” for the event. EILEEN ATWOOD, RN, came to walk, but opted to leave her furry companion, Shasta, at home. TIM KOIRTYOHANN and DAN BRUCE, MSW, both seasoned runners, decided to run the HEART WALK route. The CVHC team reported feeling “soaked to the bone” by the end of the event, but were all smiles at being a part of such a good cause.starbucks1

Photographer Mike Malloy took photos before the walk in the W. 7th Street Montgomery Plaza Starbucks coffee store, where the CVHC team gathered for smoothies. Company t-shirts, with “Life is Good, Home Care Makes It Better” on the back, looked great until they got wet. CEO CAMPBELL noted, “No more white t-shirts” for future HEART WALKS, particularly if it rains again.

Life is Good. Homecare Makes It Better!

Life is Good. Homecare Makes It Better!

CVHC is always looking for motivated, experienced RNs with a background in critical/cardiac care, as well as physical therapists and occupational therapists for our home rehabilitation services following joint repair/replacement surgeries.

RNs who are good managers, independent and comfortable with organizing and maintaining their own schedules for patient visits are a perfect fit with CVHC’s services. Independent, self-motivated and goal-oriented therapists who enjoy a close relationship with their patients are ideal for our company’s home-based services.
Review our web site ( and explore the opportunities for cardiovascular home nursing, orthopedic home nursing and geriatrics. Let us hear from you!


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  1. natalie frazier Says:

    I work for Mr.A. Hennersdorf who is a client of yours and we want to report how wonderful our aide is . She is very professional,and she has taught us alot. Her name is Sherry and we think she is the best

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